Combat construction – a short guide to Fortnite: Battle Royal

Over the past year, Fortnite has evolved from the “random phenomenon” into the most popular game in the world – and in the nearest future the situation is unlikely to change. Since January, the audience of shooter from Epic Games has grown from 45 to 125 million people, revenues from the project exceeded a billion dollars, and the company itself, due to the success of its game, now costs about eight billion dollars. So we have prepared a short guide on the basics of gameplay. The material is useful primarily to newcomers of the royal battle genre and to those who came to Fortnite from PUBG. It should be noted that Fortnite is the most “arcade” battle royale. Although there is enough meta in the game, it is very easy to master, which in many ways was the key to phenomenal success with a mass audience. At the same Battlegrounds entry threshold significantly higher. The gameplay in Fortnite has several key aspects that play to the benefit of arcade and distinguish the game from PUBG.

Meta is based on the ability to effectively build buildings to hide from enemies, take advantageous positions and quickly cover long distances (climb mountains, cross precipices). Players extract resources by “breaking” with a pick all the items on the map – from trees and lampposts to skyscrapers and rocks.

Buildings in Fortnite consist of squaretiles“. During construction they are assembled like a LEGO, and during “deconstruction” they are destroyed one panel at a time. The closest example is Minecraft cubes. For comparison, meta PUBG is mainly based on proper use of the terrain and various vehicles, as well as the rapid capture of boxes with elite equipment. Fortnite also has transportation and cargo, but here they play a purely secondary role

Kickoff and helpful tips. The main gameplay cycle in Fortnite is as follows – after disembarking, players look for weapons and related items (explosive devices, first-aid kits, potions that increase armor, traps, health restorations, trampolines). In parallel with this, all actively “dismantle” buildings, trees, and rocks with pickaxes in order to collect three types of building materials wood, stone and metal. After that, players eventually converge in the same zone, hiding from a gradually increasing storm, and use the accumulated resources to create fortifications. Usually it is the ability to correctly and quickly build and affect the outcome of the match. If the final “circles” in PUBG is a sports hopping championship in the bushes, then in Fortnite the last dozen players are practicing in the high-speed construction of fortresses and huts. Aerobatics – in time to outwit an opponent, rebuild in such a way as to bypass him from the rear or from above and prevent him from hiding in another building.

Building materials vary in strength and speed of construction. Wooden tiles are erected faster than stone and metal, but they are also the least durable. The rebuilt tile can be edited in a special mode for example, a window or a door can be made in the wall, and the ramp turns into a narrow staircase with handrails.

If you hit the skirmish in open space, you should immediately start rebuilding at least the minimum reinforcement of wood, the “ramp” the wall and the inclined surface. The speed of construction in this case is more important than protection, in the first seconds of the battle the main thing is to hide from the fire and quickly change position. For close combat, you need to be able to rebuild a diagonal “bridge” and bypass the enemy player from above or from the side. Proper and quick construction of fortifications in Fortnite is often more important than skillful possession of weapons.

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