Basis and general rules

  1. The circle is your main reference point, but do not rush there headlong, and also do not think that the whole gang of enemies is already sitting right there. Many still flee from their back streets and can easily be behind you – behind the circle. You can hide behind a tree, thinking that you are in complete safety, because, as you think, all the enemies of the warmer are sitting in it, but that is far from being the case, because so many enemies are sitting behind it, they can come to your back, and making no effort to kill you. To avoid such situations, always check your rear, especially if you are close to the circle or already in it. Headphones your main partner, seriously, it is advisable not to rely on the speakers. The steps in Fortnite are louder than in PUBG. Try not to run in a straight line, wag, especially if you are in a completely open area, you can easily be seen from a distant building, especially with a sniper rifle. In addition, it will be good practice to close the doors in the buildings behind you so the enemy will not expect you there, he will lose vigilance, which you can use. True, the absence of loot will make him think about caution, therefore it is better not to hesitate and strike first.
  2. Map. The map is smaller than in PUBG, and there is no transport in Fortnite either. More precisely, it is, but you can not ride it, just break for the sake of resources. Nevertheless, it is possible to get to the circle quite easily and quickly even from a remote point of the island, therefore the lack of transport is not a minus. Due to the fact that the card is smaller, the players face forehead faster, so be careful, do not rush to the point of attack, stick to accurate tactics. In addition, the circle narrows faster than you run, plan your actions accordingly, you should not hesitate, you can pay for it with your life.
  3. Moving. Fast running leaves a dusty trail behind you that can be seen from afar. It is better to steal, it will increase your chances, go unnoticed. By the way, the shots are also quite noticeable. In Fortnite, you can not lie down, just full-length or sit down, accept this. In both modes, you can move faster, holding Shift, it helps a lot, especially when you need to sneak up to the enemy quickly and silently or hide.

Loot. The advantage of Fortnite is that you can go down to the roof of the building and punch it with your pickaxe while the others wait for the door to the door: use this to be the first to get to good loot. Under the roofs, by the way, gold chests are often hidden, you will hear them in a special solemn sound, they have many useful things that will be very useful for you when meeting with the enemy. By the way, the loot flies in the air and is highlighted, as is the case with enemy things, so there is no need to loot each enemy separately, because their things are already scattered around. In addition to gold chests, there are still black boxes in which most often you can find cartridges, there should always be a place for cartridges in your inventory, it is better to take them with an excess, because it is not pleasant to be left without cartridges and destroy all your efforts by the end of the battle. Each weapon is distinguished by the degree of value, which is visible in color, the gradation is as follows: gray is the most common, then green, blue, purple and orange as the coolest. The more valuable the weapon, the higher its damage. In addition, there are no modules, as in PUBG. Returning to the golden chests if you did not fall on the roof, it does not matter, try to extract resources to build stairs, breaking trees, stones and other things around, but remember that in the process you will be very well heard, so be careful.

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