Tips for a more productive game

Restore health, find armor

Fortnite Battle Royale equipment and weapons are in the game. Medicines and drugs do not destroy enemies, they are an integral part of the royal battle. Using them, you can survive in important battles or simply restore health points. Bandage is activated after 4 seconds and recovers 15 HP, up to a maximum of 75 HP. Up to 15 bandages can be worn in one inventory slot. Shield Potion – activates after 5 seconds and adds between 50 and 100 armor points. In one inventory slot you can carry two potions. The first-aid kit is activated after 10 seconds and fully restores the health scale. You can have three first-aid kits in one slot at a time. Juice activated the same way as other potions. After that, your character can restore 25 points of health and protection within 25 seconds (1 point per second). The maximum number of restored points of armor and health is 100%. Therefore, you should use this potion after bandages or shield potions. Fire – this item does not occur in the inventory. It is located on the “trap” tab.

Close the door to hide your marks

As in PUBG, the doors should always be closed behind you. This simple thing needs to be taken into account, because in the heat of survival or running from place to place, many players will dive through any door to avoid fire — ideal for setting up an ambush or to pretend that the house is unoccupied.

How traps work

In the game, a notification appears on the screen that you have access to the traps – but what is it? You don’t have to create them. These traps are located at the edges of the map or, conversely, rarely appear, but this is for you to choose.

Even when you find them, traps consist of things like pneumatic spike walls or a deadly hit of electricity, but pay attention: they can usually be placed only on walls or ceilings that you create by yourself. Just keep the square / X in the build menu and you will be able to install them.

Leave at the peak as quickly as possible

Discussions about the “optimal” time for a peak from a combat bus will never stop. If you hurry, you will fall into an insane fight for the initial wave of production, and if you are late, the rest will gain good things. Make sure you don’t go too far, you can be on the beach, turn your glider at the last second and make a quick horizontal swing. Gliders may need a little adjustment, because their movement to the side can be quick.

Sighting Grid Icon

The game has clearly not enough tutorial. When you begin to break a building, various small target apple symbols appear. Although they are similar to visual errors or the fact that another character is approaching you, in fact it is something like a “mini-game” that will help you to quickly take down the object. Just click on this icon, and you will inflict much more damage to the structure that has come your way.

Use distance and cover each other when working together

Working in a unit can sometimes interfere, because voice chat overlaps other sound prompts that give you the opportunity to take advantage of opponents, but some elements of teamwork always need to be used. By focusing the fire on the individual, you can destroy it in seconds, and even better to move around the area, keeping a distance. Be that as it may, most Fortnite players are lone wolves, and hardly one or two players follow them from behind.

The trick using the pickaxe in battle

A super simple tidbit, which is invaluable when only you and another player trying to stay alive survive after landing. Although he is noticeably weaker than almost any weapon in the game, there is a way to maximize the potential for a deadly attack when using a pickaxe.The main thing to know, the pickaxe deals damage ONLY in the middle of its swing and ONLY where the icon indicates. So, it makes no sense to direct the swing as accurately as possible to the enemy, looking down or standing to the side. Much better to focus on the central mass, even when jumping or dodging. Using this tactic, you can always come out as a winner.

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