How to build the strongest fort in the game

Creating a strong fort around your Storm Shield is the most important part for surviving in the world of Fortinte. After all, if you are too stingy with resources and do not spend money on defense, you will easily lose in the long run. But do not worry, we have experienced many game situations in Fortnite, and today in our guide to this wonderful game we will teach you how to build the strongest fort that will withstand any enemy attack, with which you can keep the defense to the last player on the island, which you find yourself, perhaps with your friends.

How to build a strong fort and base in Fortnite

Perhaps because of the fact that they are taught in the tutorials of the game, well, simply because of the savings, but many players prefer to start building with wooden materials and structures. But at the same time, wood is the weakest material in Fortnite, and if you want to replace them, you will have to spend a lot of time manually destroying these buildings, which greatly reduces your chances of building an impregnable fortress, because Fortnite is a very dynamic game and every minute sometimes even a second can play a fatal role, so it’s best not to waste time on building of some flimsy shelters. Instead, we offer all players to build from stone, because it is very easy to get (even around the Storm Shield), it is stronger and more suitable for holding damage and can stand for a long time without letting the enemy go inside, also the resource is not used in crafting ammunition, like the same wood and metal, so you will spend it on building a fort.

To begin with, build floors around your base, and then build walls, do not forget the door, which will allow to access to the internal zone of the building. Once this is done, surround the resulting building with a regular portion of the floors and install on them a portion of the traps that you have, it is advisable not to save on traps, because if the enemy smashes the walls, he will have to face a number of difficulties to get to you. This will be a good start, then you will need to expand it evenly, but do not forget about security. Build the second floor, place the half wall in the center of the room, then put a pair of perpendicular to form a maze, because it will make the enemies bypass such corridors that will cause them to spend more time (since we installed only half the wall, we will perfectly see the enemies and we will be able to sharply walk away from them, jumping over it, and also shoot at the heads), all that remains is to control the situation, which will be in your hands.

Create as few real passes as possible, and those that are (we advise you to leave only 1 pass) completely cover with the traps. Also do not forget to build roofs, which play a very important role in the further expansion of the Storm Shield, which we are talking about – you will find out later.

And we sincerely advise you do not forget to set traps. It will greatly increase your chances to succeed, and you can find them in various loot boxes during missions. As your area expands, be sure to create additional walls along the eastern and western fronts of the Storm Shield area, because in time the enemies will start coming from these sides, and this will not be a surprise for you, and you will be able to meet them with a couple of lead gifts approach you.

And summarize the most important thoughts. The strongest fort is the fort in Fortnite, where the player has created as many loops and obstacles as possible between enemies and the center of your fortress. Remember this and victory will be on your side. Don’t forget to read our other Fortnite guides, which you can find on this website.

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