6 Fortnite Mobile tips that will make you a pro

Epic Games stormed the gaming industry, presenting their vision of the royal battle. Fortnite was hit as suddenly as a clap of thunder in clear weather. PC users managed to get comfortable in the game, and some became professionals. Now the developer transfers his project to mobile platforms – iOS and Android, and if you bend everyone on your computer, you will not be able to repeat it on the touch screen.

Use headphones

In the royal battle, it is important to hear the opponent before you see him. Playing with friends is a temptation to use an external speaker, thanks to the developers at the top there is an indicator notifying from which side to wait for danger. This is useful, but it is unlikely to replace the sound perception of what is happening around. And sometimes the headphones will save your life, especially if the enemy plays without them or mutes the sound altogether, so without normal headphones you can not wait too much, because in many situations they will save your life, help you detect danger in time and eliminate it.

Visual points

We have already decided that the headphones are important, but you know what else is important? Points on the map. If you play in a team, always inform your comrades about the upcoming enemy or his whereabouts. You can also indicate where to move from the zone or in search of prey. But do not forget to constantly keep the map in sight, to make a decision on time.

Use autorun

Running on a small display is not a pleasant thing, your thumbs just cover part of the work area, and sometimes you can pay for it. The autorun feature is the perfect solution for mobile users. By clicking on the icon, you can quickly overcome the distance, and most importantly, at this moment you can turn the camera and become the first to notice the enemy, which will have a positive effect on taking action quickly.

Quickly build

The clear difference from PUBG Mobile is construction. And this function needs to be developed to automatism. During the pursuit, it is not so easy to enter construction mode, select a layout, add the missing ladder and start construction. The speed in this process often decides the outcome of the battle. Walls can protect from fire, assist in movement and set an ambush. The speed distinguishes a good player from a professional, you must learn how to build on speed, because without it, you will not be able to fully disclose your abilities.

The choice of weapons

How do you think it is convenient to shoot a pistol to a point on the horizon? We answer, this is not very convenient, your hits are minimized. At long distances it is much more efficient to use rifles with a good sight, firstly, the spread decreases, and secondly, your goal becomes larger. For average distance, it is optimal to use machine gun, here the target is already visible and the spread is less dangerous. But for melee it is worth getting a shotgun, great damage, and you can lubricate a little, in any case, the fraction will fall. Having picked up the necessary arsenal, you will feel confident at any distance.

Shoot with a gun

Perhaps this is an addition to the item above, but this advice is simply impossible for Fortnite Mobile. A large number of gamers used to shoot without a sight on the PC, it saves time, and each additional shot can decide the outcome. It is important to note that the screen is much larger, which means that the goal itself will be larger. On the phone, the situation is completely different, you can compare it with the eye of the needle and thread, without aiming it is unlikely to go. So in this case it is better to lose a split second and go into the field of view, and not to beat almost by accident. For maximum effect, stop running like crazy and start accurate shots.

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