Tips for newbies

How to survive in Fortnite Battle Royale

At the beginning of the game you need to jump out of a flying bus.

Carefully select a landing point and skip tall buildings with a lot of loot that all other players are aiming for. There you have a chance to get good equipment, but you will start to participate in battles earlier, for which you will not be ready. Therefore, choose a secluded house. Areas on the outskirts of the city are also suitable for collecting weapons and equipment – there you can almost not be afraid of what bothers you, it would seem that you can get to the steep loot on the “skill”, but this is not always possible, you don’t have any armor yet, your character is very vulnerable to any type of weapon, it is better not to experience the essence and evolve gradually, but surely, this will increase your chances of surviving to the end of the battle.

Secrets of survival

Build only when absolutely necessary. Running a construction mode in battle can cost you life, especially since the shafts can break very quickly and all efforts have been wasted. We advise you to build walls, as well as doors, windows and stairs. If you really need to hide or restore health, it is recommended to build walls. This way you will be well protected and you can even watch your opponents from cover or, if necessary, throw grenades at them.

Remember also that next to the walls you can build stairs, doors and windows. Ladders are indispensable if you need to climb a high hill or mountain, it is also possible to use them when storming enemy boshes.

Always choose clay for building, because in Fortnite: Battle Royale you can hear the footsteps of opponents, even if they themselves are not visible yet. In some cases, this can save your hero’s life or can help you find the enemy and quickly eliminate him using melee weapons. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot silently disassemble objects or move at a run. But if you are sneaking, you will not make a sound that will help you secretly move through their own or others’ buildings. Take advantage of this.

Plan properly and as far as possible

You need to have some really good plan. Being the first to land on the island is a huge plus. To get the best weapons and equipment, use the No Glider Glitch. To do this, you must be in free fall as long as possible. The fact is that when approaching the surface the game automatically activates the paragliding mode. You can prevent this by staying as long as possible near the shore above the water, then free fall will not be interrupted. Earth should be in close proximity to the mainland, and then – go ahead! – climb and collect items.

If you need to hide, use the building or build some kind of shelter

Nothing threatens you under the roof assembly. With the so called Roof Hack, you are well protected from attacks. Instead of hiding behind a wall that only partially protects you, the roof on the floor will perfectly save the character from attacks from any side. But how long can you hide under the roof? After creating the protection, click “Change”. The roof will become transparent, and you can easily slip under it. Close the edit window and it will become dense again.

Secret place

On the map is a treasured little hut. This is a rather secret place, from where you can easily hit your opponents without being attacked and not being afraid of being discovered, you just need to be the first to take this place, otherwise you will be waited in ambush. Find a circled red spot on the map. There you will see a small hut under the tree. Go inside and break the floor. Now you see parts of the wall sticking out of the ground. Destroy these bottom elements. This gives you access to the ground right below the grass. This is the perfect shelter.

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