Fortnite: building and weapon creation

Fortnite is a cool surviving game that has conquered many of the minds and hearts of its fans. Instead of the usual construction of buildings, you will also have to search for resources and perform various tasks, and you will always fight zombies that fall from the sky and foreshadow the worst that can happen to humanity.

How to find building materials?

The search for materials is your main goal in this game, and if you want to find the coolest objects in the game (stone, metal and wood), then you have to sweat so well. Stone, metal and wood are the main building materials in the game that will be used to build walls and floors. You will need a lot of such materials.

It is easy to get a tree from trees and other wooden things, such as logs and even wooden structures, which are quite a lot on the map. If you want to find metal, we advise you to disassemble pipes or even machines. You can also find metal ore deposits in caves during the passage of forest missions, so look around more often, look closely before you go deeper into the map. You will find a lot of metal during the passage of urban missions, when you disassemble cars and metal supports. To get a stone, you need to break large boulders. For this you need an ax. This material can be found on almost any map, but the most common location is the forest or the outskirts of the city.

How to update the scheme?

Schemes – this is your main way to get a new weapon, which is recommended to use, and these items can be obtained to search for chests during the passage of the mission or open containers on the tab “Loot” in the main menu. From the very beginning, you may have a strong desire to update the scheme, but we would advise you first to collect all the necessary components and wait a bit.

With the improvement of the scheme, you not only increase the base damage of your weapon, but also spend a little more resources on crafting. Sometimes my friends had such moments that they almost completely improved the weapon, and as a result they had to go to the later stages of the game in order to proceed with further updating. And this fact made the scheme useless, so I advise you to avoid such gaming incidents when possible.

Worn weapons and the creation of new weapons

The most interesting parameter that Epic Games introduced in Fortnite is the power parameter. In fact, every weapon in the game has a certain degree of durability, and when this parameter drops to zero, the object does not break, and you need to use a new one. This means that you must constantly monitor the tools and other objects that will be useful to you when creating new weapons. Of course, you should not clog your inventory with all sorts of things that you find during the passing game, because you have a very limited space in your inventory.

You can also check the power level. To do this, just look at the line to the right of the weapon icon. This line goes on top and slowly disappears with each use. Most of the weapons in the game have a very high level of strength, but for heavier weapons (for example, RPGs), they are much smaller. However, this weapon has unlimited ammunition, so you do not have to spend resources on the creation of ammunition for a rocket launcher.


Being new to Fortnite is very difficult, especially if you don’t understand the basic game mechanics. Therefore, we advise you to read this article very carefully and remember important points that will be useful to you for the game, and, besides that, we advise you to display individual decisions and tactics for your playing style, because it is very important to learn to play as you like, Choose the character and weapon that you like the most.

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