Fortnite game guide: important tips for newbies

Choose a landing site carefully and avoid other players

Each battle in this game begins with the fact that a hundred players fall from a flying bus to a desert island, generously littered with various cannons and other things. Look at the map as you fly down; it is very important to choose the right landing point – choose the right one, consider that the halfway to victory has already been passed.

Now your task is to find some weighty chest, which will have a cool gun, it will help you in all confrontations with the enemy and if you are a novice, we strongly recommend that you avoid any collisions with opponents during the search. The weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale are mainly located in buildings, so we advise you to land where there are at least a couple of any buildings, and if you have some skills, you can safely fall next to large villages, just remember that in such places the chance to meet with the enemy is much higher, so take risks if you are confident in your abilities.

Take part in the collection of resources

The first weapon that falls into your hands is a huge pickaxe, a very funny thing. Of course, you can learn to fight even with such weapons, but it will not be really effective on the battlefield.

Collect weapons and equipment

As soon as you feel that you can resist the enemies and will not die, then the crucial moment comes – the hunt for chests. Look around and try to find the building, then run into it and grab everything that is not nailed. Rare weapons hidden in chests that are located in buildings. You cannot miss them, because next to a similar chest you will not hear a characteristic humming sound.

Stealth is more important than running

Fortnite has a large map, Battle Royale provides players with hundreds of options where you can escape after disembarking. Finding an enemy and not getting caught by yourself is the two eternal problems of any Battle Royale player. You can make a mess and fall into the trap, or you can shoot the enemy from a distance or even better from behind.

The power of shelters is deceptive

None of the covers in this game provide 100% protection against all types of attacks. Everything can be destroyed, broken and destroyed – and no, this applies not only to shelters that you can build yourself. By analogy with the “Battlefield”, even the buildings that are on the map, by default, can be collapsed.

Once you find a first aid kit, use it

The game has two scales of health – the standard character of the character’s life and the balance of armor. First of all, the reservation suffers from attacks, after its destruction you will remain “naked”, and it will be easy to kill you. The armor indicator after landing is zero, so you have to find it before you enter the battle, if you do not do it, there is a great chance that they will kill you during the first battle.

Treasure chests –  is the place where you need to start your quest. Most often, the buffs lie on them, including the armor. Armor will not help you if you fall from a great height. The game has one interesting item – “Bread Juice”, which restores 25 points of health and the same amount of armor within 25 seconds. However, there is a much more useful item – Chug Pitchers, which in 15 seconds will completely restore all your vital signs.

Beware of other players

The longer the round lasts, the more new ones appear that do not fit the style of the game, and just strange fortifications. It’s good that the players do not have time to think up the design of buildings during the game, usually it is a hollow tower from the inside, which catches the eye, you will not be hard to notice, but you can’t storm a fortress without good weapons and equipment.

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