Fortnite: tips, facts, cheats and a lot of interesting

Games based on the royal battle over the past few years have become very popular. Some time after the release of the acclaimed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the world saw another masterpiece in this genre – Fortnite. At the moment, it is one of the most famous multiplayer online games. This success is quite simple to explain: gamers are attracted by a unique battle mode, bright graphics and well-developed physics. We have prepared a list of the most interesting and fascinating facts about the game.

  1. Unique concept. As part of the main plot, the developers tried to tell the story of a wonderful world, where almost the entire human population disappeared. Units of people who managed to survive are under great threat from zombies. Players are among the lucky ones who continue to fight for their lives. They are required to perform amazing tasks in order to be saved.
  2. Attention to every aspect. Epic Games employees first announced Fortnite back in 2011. The testing period was delayed, the issue was postponed to 2017. At first, only those who paid for early access could get the key to enter. After some time, the free mode “Royale mode” appeared, which guaranteed the huge success of the video game.
  3. Instant success. Even before the official release of Fortnite, approximately 500,000 users made its preliminary order. A month later, this figure doubled. At the moment, about 3.5 million guys and girls enter the game at the same time. It also occupies a leading position in (video streaming service, where anyone can watch live games of other people).
  4. The secret of popularity. At first, the developers did not think about adding a battle mode for survival. Initially, it was a game where gamers exclusively engaged in collecting resources and confronting opponents at night. Thus, the main opponent for the players became computer mobs. Everything changed after the lightning success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In Fortnite added Battle Royale mode, in which the player had to defeat all competitors and remain the last survivor.
  5. Features of the gameplay. The Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay is considered unique. 100 people simultaneously enter the battlefield alone or join troops to achieve the only goal – to be the last one alive. A gamer gets on an amazing bus, and then parachutes over a colorful map. Then he must look through the terrain and find certain resources to survive. The safe area on the map is constantly decreasing, forcing players to move. If you want to take first place, then go to a secluded place.
  6. Support of other platforms. Epic Games employees in March 2018 announced that players will be able to fight in Fortnite Battle Royale against each other on different platforms. This feature is truly unique, because only a few video games can boast of such a “chip”. Want to be the last live on the island, but you do not have a powerful PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? This problem is very easy to solve. The game is also available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. Gamers who use similar devices pushed more than a million dollars into the game in the first three days. This fact is truly amazing, as you can win, even without additional cash investments.
  7. Influence on the big sport. Fortnite gradually penetrates all walks of life. A couple of months ago, NBA player from Los Angeles Lakers Josh Hart decided to pay homage to one of his favorite games. He shod his unique sneakers, which featured his avatar from the gaming universe and his own initials. This copy of Nike shoes was developed by popular designer Salvador Ametsua.
  8. Fighting cheaters. The developers severely punish every player who tries to cheat a little. They block accounts, making it impossible to play your favorite game again. There have been cases when Epic Games employees even sued cheaters. More recently, a similar lawsuit threatened another man, but the trial was rejected when it became known that a fourteen-year-old child was cheating on the game.

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