Fortnite tips

Whenever possible, free the backpack

Throughout the game, you will always be given some resources, schemes, precious materials, building blocks and many other useful things. But, unfortunately, your inventory has limitations, so you always need to keep it empty or half-empty, so as not to waste time on inventory in the process of combat, when you need to quickly pick up an item and run further. If you, for example, are given rare chips, then immediately create a weapon, and destroy the old one. During the game, your inventory will increase. To do this, there are both individual improvements and the possibility of acquiring additional slots for real money.

Distribute talent points

Be careful about the distribution of talent points of your character. Your current improvements will affect the whole character development process in the future. In order to properly distribute points, it is initially necessary to determine the character’s class, identify its weaknesses, and begin to improve. But at the start, as a rule, you will have some options in the improvements branch. In the future, the list will increase, so evenly, slowly, develop the hero. We recommend to watch videos with gameplay on the Internet.

Look for treasure chests

Treasure chests are a great opportunity to get additional resources for free. They appear on each map, spawning in different places. The first player to pick up the chest will become its owner. After that, the chest disappears from the map and is no longer available to other users. But there is a little secret how to find them for you! Turn on the volume of the game to the maximum or wear headphones. Run over the map and carefully listen to the voices. Next to the chests will be heard the voice of an angel, so you will immediately understand where they are. Heard? Immediately break all the walls around, because they can be behind them. Sometimes in the game there are false obstacles. Another little tip. Often chests appear in the basements of houses or on the upper floors of houses. First of all, check the basements and upper floors, and only then run through the map, listening to the sounds of the world.

Properly collect resources in the game Fortnite

In the game you will be available to three main resources, namely: stone, iron and wood. They are extracted simply because they are located across the map in the clear, but there are also nuances and secrets.

  1. Explore the caves. If you see a cave in front of you, do not miss it. Be sure to go down to be in it all the resources. Quartz ore and other important and valuable resources often appear here. The deposits are mainly located along the walls.
  2. Containers. Be sure to collect containers. You can find weapons, various toolboxes, valuable ores in them. Most often they appear in those places where you find survivors. If you are in such a territory, first of all, inspect the containers, and only then all the other places where you can find something useful – cabinets, refrigerators, sofas, etc.

Use the outlander. If you want to receive several times more resources, then use the outlander class. He belongs to the garbage collectors, and therefore can find rare and valuable things more likely. He also gets more containers. Any building created by a player has a weak point. Naturally, you can create an impregnable fortress, but in Fortnite any lock can be turned into a pile of crafting parts. With the necessary skill, you can look at the weak places in the shelter and beat it there in the first place, which will greatly facilitate your task. Do not leave the doors open. This is not the main thing, but it will make you more productive, and you will be able to achieve large positions in the ratings. If you are in the house, and you close the door behind you, you will be able to take the enemy by surprise. If you leave open, he will think that valuable caches have already been found and will not go there. But this is a very primitive way of thinking, although many people forget about it. Or you can throw something interesting as a bait in the hall at home, and wait on the stairs until your sacrifice is on the horizon.

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