A few years ago EA created an instant classic game with the debut of Medal Of Honor.
A ground breaking game for the PlayStation one. It combined the classic gameplay of Nintendo’s N64 007 game Goldeneye with the realism of Saving Private Ryan. 
This game was produced by Spielberg, and featured a soundtrack worthy of John Williams.
This game was a class act all the way. It was followed by Medal Of Honor: Underground.
An excellent sequel in all aspects. Now EA has revamped the series for the next generation of PlayStationers.
The third installment of the WWII series is called Medal Of Honor: Frontline, and does it ever live up to its title.

Not one minute into this game and you are storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. 
There is so much going on in this level its hard to concentrate on the mission at first. I experienced plenty of anxiety during this level. Its not the opening sequence in Saving Private Ryan, but its damn near close.
The graphics of course are much improved over the past PSone titles. However, I must point out how good they really are.
Distinctive faces on your fellow soldiers and the dirty Nazis. Smarter A. I. , and cooperative team mates. That’s right, you are no longer an Army of one. In some missions anyway.

The musical score is still incredible in a video game. I can’t believe the work that must go into these games.
The control is good and possibly better, depends on how you look at it. At game start it gives you the option to play the classic gameplay (YES!) or the new control. (Boo!)
Which is with the dual analog control system a lot first person shooters are trying these days.
Which by the way I want to take this time and say how mad that makes me. I hate the dual analog control system. Its not a PC, so stop trying to pretend its one. 
This is why I say Halo is NOT the baddest game on the planet. I’m tired of hearing it, its not true.
Medal Of Honor Frontline, heck any Medal of Honor game beats the hell out of Halo any day of the frickin’ week.

Speaking of which, There is a BIG SNAFU in MOH: Frontline. No Multi-Player mode. I mean, WTF?? Even the PSone games had multi-player?
Is this game so big, that they couldn’t fit into onto the massive DVD? I don’t think so. There is actually less levels in Frontline then in either of the PSone titles. 
Never the less, it’s a problem, I got over real quick. This is game plays, looks, and sounds so awesome. I didn’t want to share it with a bunch of doofus friends anyway.
Medal of Honor has such a great story, and such a great piece of American history, its almost educational.
I think Medal Of Honor is an excellent game for about twelve years and up. It features no gory violence, which has been a MOH tradition since game one. And it might make your kids want to learn more about WWII. I know I did.
Medal Of Honor: Frontline is one of the best games on the PlayStation 2 and if you haven’t played them pick up the original and Underground while you’re at it. Its both American history and gaming history.

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