A good game should not only look great, but it should provide you with a genuine thrill.
What better game to thrill you than a motocross game.
Yet, oddly enough most motocross game do not provide such a thrill.
With the exception of Activision’s Ricky Charmichael series, there’s been no such thrill.
Until now.
MX Rider from Infogrames and Atari, yes Atari. Atari is back and is in the extreme sports business.
And why not, who better than Atari can provide us with such thrills.

MX Rider is pure adrenalin on a DVD.
This game is so real you will move your body while playing. This is no standing still kind of game. 
MX Rider offers some of the highest resolution graphics found on the PS2.
Graphically, MX Rider kills MX 2002.
These riders are huge, and the attention to detail is impressive, most impressive.
You can watch the bikes and riders slowly go from dirty to filthy on the mud levels.
The mud spits back into the camera in huge chunks.
And get this, no pop-up. Nothing, notta, none.
MX Rider is super fast too. No weak gameplay here.
The control is tight and easy, nothing to complain about there.
The music is loud and features some of todays great alternitive and punk bands.

MX Rider offers both motocross and supercross tracks.
So it will satisfy a diehard fan of either genre.
Of course MX Rider features real riders and bikes, with real supercross tracks.
The Motocross ones are pure fantasy, but that’s the best stuff, in my humble opinion. 
The real physics of MX Rider is another great plus.
The bikes suspension is tested repeatedly, and when you wipeout, it hurts. Believe you me.
A note to any gamer who wishes to play this title.
Keep the invisible wall option on until you’ve masted the tracks.
Otherwise, you will spend too much time off the trck to win anything.

So, lets review. MX Rider, is awesome because of the following.
Hot Graphics, Super Speed, Tight Control, Awesome graphics, Loud Music, true physics, Cool Graphics, and awesome wipe outs. Yeah, that about covers it. Did I mention it has totally rad graphics?
I’m glad to see Atari is back making brand new games, not just reissues of old school stuff.
Not that I don’t like the old school stuff, in fact I encourage Atari to rerelease more classics.
There has yet to be a Phoenix game on any new system. 
So there you have it. MX Rider is the best Motocross game yet.
If you are fan of this sport, I urge you to run don’t walk to your local retailer and add this one to your collection.
The only possible rival for this title is EA Sports Supercross 2002, which I haven’t heard from since E3, so I think its gonna be a while on that one.

ESRB RATINGE (everyone)
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