MLB 2004

Its baseball time again! What better way to celebrate America, than by enjoying Amerca’s favorite pastime.
That harmonious feel is felt throughout Sony and 989 Sports latest baseball title MLB 2004.
A first for the PlayStation 2. That’s right. 989’s classic baseball title has sat on the bench the past couple of years on the PSone.
This year, MLB 2004 is stepping up to the plate and is ready to show the world what its got. 
First time at bat is rarely a home run. As is the case with MLB 2004. Its not a strike out either. No, I’d say its more like a base hit.

Graphically its adequate. Sure it looks better than its PSone counterpart, but I’m sure I see PlayStation 2 star quality.
The players just don’t look great. They look good, it’s just not like, wow.
The stands are filled with animated fans. However, they still look like card board cut outs. But who cares about the audience, I know. 
The control is alright. I wish they would have given the batter more control. It seems like a lot of guess work to me.
You close your eyes and swing and do about the same. The pitching is good, no complaints there.
However, the fielding is annoying and quite frustrating at times. The computer controls the guy until about he’s about half way there, and suddenly gives control over to you.
This causes a stutter in the flow, and can cost you a save.
I don’t see how this helps. It gives you the false impression that the cpu is playing for you.

The commentary feels dry too. Although, they do say a lot and seem right on with what’s happening in the game.
There’s just no wit, no personality, no spark. It sounds like two old guys reading off a script written by a bad sports writer.
I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m getting all “Simon” on this game. Its not that bad. I had fun playing it. It has its flaws, but its not bad enough to interfere with the game itself.
I’ve come to expect flaws with the 989 franchise these days.
For some reason they have never really caught up with their own technology. 
NFL GameDay is great playing game, but in the looks department, its Kimberly Locke to EA’s Kimberly Caldwell . . . Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of American Idol lately.
At this point I haven’t had a chance to play the competition, so MLB 2004 is the best baseball game out there on the Playstation 2. Lets see that caption appear in the next ads for MLB 2004! 😉

ESRB RATINGE (everyone)
MEMORY CARD351-553kb
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