On the PS2 launch, theirs only a few games for it that stand out from the rest. And NASCAR 2001 is definitely one of them.

All the Drivers are here and the cars look better then ever seen in a video game.
The graphics are beautiful, Cars have every decal and you can make out every detail on the car.
You can even see though the window of the car and see the driver at the wheel.

The damage in this game is like no other. Not only do you get wrinkled fenders but you can see into engine if you take out the front end. If you crash into another car you can see all the piece fly.
You can even hit so hard you’ll flip the car or spin out the other car causing a major wreck.
I’ve never seen so much action in a NASCAR game. The cockpit view is also a must see. The dash is highly detailed and you’ll even find messages from the drivers.

The track graphics are also vary impressive. Little or no pop-up in a racing game is rare but NASCAR 2001 pulls it off. Sparks fly if you hit walls or other drivers and you can even kick up the dust if you go off the road. The replays are the best of that race, when you watch it you really can see the damage you made or really see how you maneuvered about the pack to get first place. The only complaint in the replay is there’s no control in the camera angles.

The sound is another high point in NASCAR 2001, The pit crew over the radio is well done and the sound of every crash and scrape will really make you feel it. Even the car engines sounds are at its best.
The Create a Driver is more like NASCAR 2000 was for the PSX then 2001 on PSX.
You just choose a sponcered car and name your driver. While 2001 on PSX you create the paint lob, logos and number. The only thing that made PSX 2001 disappointing was the made up sponcers and logos. I’d like to see NASCAR 2002 have a Create a driver like 2001 on PSX but have real sponcer logos to place on the car.

The only thing I could really complain about NASCAR 2001 is there is no front car view button. Not a big problem, but viewing the damage from the front would have been nice.

If you a serious NASCAR racing fan and own a PS2 NASCAR 2001 is a must have.
For PS2 launch titles NASCAR 2001 is one of the few games that really show a little of what the PS2 can do. Good job EA.









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