The most wanted game in America has been released, but does it live up to all the hype?
For the most part, yes! Metal Gear Solid 2 (or MGS2) will go down as one of the best PS2 games in history. The game starts out with Solid Snake sneaking onto a tanker that carries a new Metal Gear called Metal Ray. His mission is to get pictures of the new Metal Gear and escape, but he finds out he’s not the only one interested in Metal Ray. 
Terrorists lead by Revolver Ocelot also take over the ship and kill all on board. Now Snake must get to Metal Ray and stop these terrorists. After that the story takes so many twists and turns your head will be spinning.

The object in MGS is to not get caught, you can kill your enemies, just trying to not let them see you is the challenge. 
There are many more ways that you can be seen. They will be alerted by shadows, dead bodies, blood, and even if you kill a gaurd and he doesn’t check in on his radio.
You can interact (and destroy) most every thing in this game, if its in the background, odds are you can break it.
Other new features is a first person aiming mode, this comes in handy when targeting your enemies. You can drag and hide bodies, Hang of rails, peak around corners, and most terrorists will even surrender if you pull your gun on them first.
Theres more but it would take all day to explain everything this game has to offer. And don’t worry, the classic neck breaking is still usable.

The graphics are some of the best ever seen on any console system. Snake looks grubby and has no detail left untouched. There’s TONS of this to see in this game, you’ll be playing for hours just to see it all. 
Everyone is voice acted, and some of the best ever heard in a video game. Every character and every room has his, her or it’s own feel and look. The music feels like out of a hollywood movie.

The only complaint I can give MGS2 is one thing, (and I hope this doesn’t spoil anything for anyone) It’s you only play as Solid Snake for the first 2-3 hours of game play. After that you play a new FoxHound agent named Raiden.
While this new character doesn’t ruin any of the gameplay, It is a little disappointing only playing Snake for 20% of the game. Raiden’s character is cool and all, but he’s no Snake.
The hours of gameplay runs about 12 hours and thats if you rush though it and don’t enjoy all that this game has to offer.
MGS2 is defiantly worth owning in my book, it’s will make my best of the year list for sure.

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