Are you a fan of The Fast and the Furious? Where a club of racers secretly get together to prove who’s got the faster machine and the better driver. Well Rockstar has a game for you.
It’s the sequel to Midnight Club. MC2 is a huge improvement to the original. 
You roam one of three cities to challenge racers for the keys to their cars.
The game has no tracks You collect chack points that are all over a large city map and there’s tons of obstacles to dodge while racing to the finish line.
You race down streets, alleys, grass fields, tunnels, over and through buildings just to find your next check point.
Some have to be in order while others are in any order you find easier.
It’s extremely easy to get lost trying to find the next check point. There’s tons of cars to use including motorcycles.

While there’s no real licenced cars in the game they do resemble real cars.
Car manufactures have a problem with games using their product in illegal acts, go figure.
Each car you earn gets faster and faster, many have nitros. The cities are huge, it’s hard to find all the nooks and crannies that are hidden in each city.
The graphics are nicely done, but the cars could have a tad more detail.
You can damage the cars until they burn up in a fireball, but it’s no Burnout 2 or GTA: Vice City in the crash department.

There is multiplayer modes, well two players to be exact. Unless you play online, then it’s up to eight.
But like most racing games it requires a broadband connection to play.
The control is simple and has very little problems, although I would have appreciated to have been able to use the digital pad instead of the analog stick if I so desired.
The gameplay is a lot of fun and you will be playing many races numerous times due to figuring out the best route to each check point.
Some races are frustrating, but you’ll get the hang of where to go after a few attempts.
If you loved the check point races that where all over GTA3 and Vice City then you really love Midnight Club 2.

PLAYERS1 – 2 (1 – 8 online)
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