I was very fortunate to be able to attend E3 last may in Los Angeles. Of course, one of the many perks to going to E3 is being able to see and play new games that won’t hit the shelves for months.
One of those titles’ I had a chance to play was THQ’s MX 2002 for PS2.
It’s the latest in the Championship Motocross, Featuring Ricky Carmichael series for PSone.
At E3 it was still titled CMX 2002, and it looked good, but hardly impressive. I looked forward to it being a fun game, but nothing ground breaking. 
However, I received my copy the other day. I popped it into the PS2 and started a new game. Whoa! Was this the same game I saw at E3? Sure the C was missing, but this was more than just a name change. This game looked fantastic! All the pixelization was gone. The pop-up, went too. Wow. Three months can do a lot for a game evidently.

The graphics are really sharp. Smooth surfaces and no pop-up really make this an impressive title. The speeds are quite incredible, but the wipe outs steal the show.
When you crash, you’re still not out of danger. The other racers will run you over as soon as look at you.
MX 2002 of course allows for stunts to be performed. However, it’s not the typical button jamming method. You can perform flips and turns simply by turning the analog stick while catching some air.
There are of course more complicated moves to master as well. However, these simpler moves can get any novice into the game quickly.

The music isn’t quite as slick as previous CMX titles.
I would say the music selection is probably this game’s weakest link. I know, I hate that show, but I can’t help but say it sometimes.
The control is some of the best provided by any Motocross game I’ve played to date. Simple, effective, and never frustrating. This series always had good control though, so its no big shocker.
MX 2002 is truly a game for any Motocross or Supercross fan. This game gives you the best of both worlds.

I started this review by telling you about E3, so I will end it on an E3 note as well.
EA’s Supercross 2002 blew this title away at E3. However, MX was not the game it is today. So it is not as simple as it was at E3 to declare a winner.
I guess only time will tell. In the mean time, I strongly encourage anyone who even likes racing games in general to try MX2002. You won’t regret it.


ESRB RATING: E (everyone)








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