Baseball has always been a gentle sport. Sure, one hits a ball with a bat, but no one gets tackled. At least most of the time.
Well, for you hockey and football fans who may feel that baseball is too boring, or perhaps not violent enough. Midway presents a game designed with you in mind.
George Carlin rewrite your famous routine, MLB Slugfest 20-03 is here.
That’s right, Slugfest. From the creators of NFL Blitz, NHL Hitz, and Red Card, comes the next logical step. Its baseball for the mentally unstable.

MLB Slugfest offers fights, turbo speed, angry players, sarcastic announcers, and cheaters.
This is baseball the way you know you’ve always wanted to see. Okay, the concepts good, what about the game?
The game is actually quite good. Graphically, its awesome. Detailed players, with detailed faces. The stadiums look real, the audience even better.
Okay, there seems to be a lot of clones in the stands, but what you gonna do.
I mentioned sarcastic announcers earlier. Well, this guy sounds like he’s from Brooklyn and has the attitude to boot.
Some of his comments are funny, but most of the are just lame. However, its suppose to be lame. I get it, you’ll get it. It works. Its kinda makin’ fun of all those “witty” color commentators. You know who you are.

I must say I’m pleasantly surprised on how well the game plays. This concept could have easily gone awry.
Think about it. Baseball where the guys tackle each other, over sized bats, blood on the field, and rioting fans. Or it could have been trhe other way.
A game that is called extreme, but is too afraid to tamper with America’s game, so we’re left with baseball with cheesy sound effects. Instead they found a happy medium.
The flaming bats and shoes, real players with attitudes, and a few fights on the bases. But the game’s in tact. The game of baseball hasn’t changed.
So whether you’re a casual fan or a die hard “baseball is my religion” fan. You can enjoy MLB Slugfest.

I consider myself a baseball fan. And I was cautious about this title. All that went away seconds after popping in the disc.
Baseball is not reinvented with Slugfest, but neither was Football. Blitz just presented it differently. Its all in the presentation.
Now that baseball is here to stay for a full season, I strongly recommend this title.
If you liked Blitz, Hitz, and Red Card? Slugfest won’t disappoint.

DEVELOPERMidway Sports
ESRB RATINGE (everyone)
Game Rating

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